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Stealthstation™ S8

The StealthStation™ S8 surgical navigation system enables you to precisely track the location of surgical instruments throughout a procedure. The StealthStation S8 system introduces the most advanced version of Stealth technology — a combination of hardware, software, tracking algorithms, image data merging, and specialized instruments to help guide you during surgical procedures.

Stealth Autoguide™ 

Stealth Autoguide™ cranial robotic guidance platform accurately aligns to your surgical plans for cranial procedures.

Midas Rex MR8

For over 50 years, our Midas Rex™ platform has been the name in surgical drills. Like you, we don’t rest on our past — we build upon it. Because we innovate, we continue to be the leader in reliability, performance and surgeon preference. The Midas Rex™ MR8™ high-speed drill system has a lower operating temperature, less chatter, improved visibility of the surgical site and even better cutting performance.* Navigable with StealthStation™ S8, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies in our portfolio. With our comprehensive support, education, training and service, you have a partner that’s there for you from start to finish.

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